USDA Food Program

The Kno-Ho-Co-Ashland USDA Program reimburses Head Start for following the USDA approved meal patterns for meals served to children attending Head Start classes. Reimbursement to the agency is made based on the number of children eating, number of meals served, and income status of children. Classroom meal counts are conducted at each meal served. Reimbursement to the agency is available only for children enrolled in the program. USDA guidelines are used in assessing the amount and types of foods served. The reimbursement for a meal is used for the purchase of USDA approved foods for children's meals.

Population Served:

Services Provided:



Income Guidelines:

Children attending Head Start classes.

Reimbursement of USDA approved meals for enrolled children.

To provide nutritious meals to 339 Head Start children.

Children enrolled in the Head Start program are co-enrolled in the USDA Food Program.

Funding Provided by the United States Department of Agriculture through the Ohio Department of Education.